How To Earn $1,700 A Month From Craigslist?

Craigslist: I Make $1,700 a Month Selling My Employed Underwear on craigslist. A 21-year-old college student shares her more unusual sources of revenue.

Earn $1,700 A Month Selling My Employed Underwear on craigslist


The way we create and spend money is not quite as simple as it appears. A source of empowerment or guilt; for bringing in cash. And methods can be for some girls, very creative or, traditional. In our latest installment of Honest Accounts. A series in which we ask girls that were real to detail the many ways they make and spend money.

We requested a 21-year-old college student in New York City to break her $40,000 annual income down. A chunk of her income? Selling her used panties.


As for most pupils, she tells Glamour in her Honest Accounts video, her income is a hodgepodge of side gigs–waitressing, working retail, dog walking. And exceptionally fitting for a school. Senior graduating with a degree in entrepreneurship. In a lucrative month, she made $1,700 selling her used socks and underwear on Craigslist, cashing out at $120 per pair.


Her kinky cash flow gets more interesting from there. She has a keen eye for income-growth chances in the world of Craigslist fetish: Extended wear will cost customers additional, as will selfies. But her cash bonus was even more private. “After one of my regular underwear customers opened up to me about his armpit fetish, I made an extra $500 bucks by allowing him to smell my armpit,” she says. This is the best Part Time Jobs.


For the financially curious, the profit margin on her”dirty-underwear business” is insanely high. She decided to get in the game, after realizing the Internet is full of women selling their underwear to a hungry market of people with fetishes. At just a dollar or two a couple, that translates to a profit with every kinky sale, which is helping to fund her own lingerie company.

“To be honest, selling my underwear has made me feel really empowered because I’m in control of my own body,” she says. “It seems really awesome to have the ability to supply a healthy outlet for people with those fetishes.”


Identification that affects how you set up Craigslist?



I realized when it comes to organizations the dividing line between large and small, seems to be the Dunbar number [the number of social relationships any individual can manage cognitively] of 150. When I was CEO–which was only for a year–I tried to form our DNA such that we would never grow big.

  • When did you first glimpse what the internet could be?

In college, we had been on the ARPANET. I sensed it would be big.  But I was not passionate about it afterward.

  • I had been focused on course work. Although it had potential should have focused on. What I could do with the tools which were right there. I could have reached out to people with similar interests.

That vision of the way people — with no power or influence — could work together to accumulate power, and what cyberspace could be up kicked the imaginations of many men and women off. I started seeing that vision again. I’d started spending some time on the WELL, a small but influential community.

  • Craigslist is currently in 700 cities in 70 some nations. And is still one of the most trafficked websites in the U.S… But it started in 1995 with one email. You shared things happening in San Francisco. What was in that email?

It was just emerging. Us have dinner — constantly spaghetti and meatballs — around a table and would come. And a party is known as technology but also the Anon Salon. Which was theatrical?

Microsoft Sidewalk [an unfortunate network of online city guides] desired to conduct banner advertisements. However, a motif coalescing in my mind was: Folks already paid too much for advertisements, so where the ads would be effective, we could offer a platform that is very simple and people would pay less. That has worked out and made sense.

I had been becoming increasingly serious about the website and had gotten some volunteer assistance, but at the end of 1998, a few men and women who were using the website for decades told me at dinner, “Hey, volunteering is not working. You have ta make the website into something dependable.”

Had you believed that too?

I was in denial. I could see. Postings did not get done in a timely manner; the database did not get pruned of listings in a manner that was consistent. Trying to run a company collecting fees for job postings. Someone with leadership abilities that are better could have, but I could not. So move whole time and I needed to get real.

I needed to commit. I left what I do programming for a company named Continuity Solutions. Which do some technology for customer service? And Craigslist was made by me into a company in ancient’99.

I talked to a lot of VCs, socially and bankers. They were starting to fantasize. They said that this might be a company. But I’d already made the choice to advertisements that were not monetized when I turned down the banner. People helped me understand that I sucked, that year.


I had difficulty making decisions that are tough. I didn’t make like adding new cities decisions that demanded some boldness. I did not have the guts to do it, although I knew we had to expand in that way. I thought that we had to do some advertising. Within an HR magazine postings. I hired somebody to put up a few ads and to do advertising, which was a wasted effort. Word of mouth is what worked.

I made one good hiring decision, which chose our CEO, Jim Buckmaster. I hired him around then. As a technician man that was lead and saw his. I realized he could run things.